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Social media is the new power hub of digital marketing. The simple short cut to drive traffic right onto your blog is to have a strong social media presence and develop your online identity. 3.2 billion Individuals use social media every day, which is 42% of the global population!  That is why the social media plan that you will make in your digital marketing campaign is a strong and perhaps decisive component of the digital marketing ROI that you may expect.

The Transition:

The main issue in social media websites is longevity. Facebook has tackled that problem exceptionally well by seeping into the baby boomers and the middle-aged market. 68% of the US population is using Facebook regularly and will be potential consumers that can be reached through a strong and direct social media campaign that you run on Facebook. That is why here are a few ways that we have shortlisted for you to use in the social media campaign that you will develop in your digital marketing strategy. These simple things are:

Target Audience:

Target audience is the key factor in Facebook based content development. The content that is developed for Facebook is limited in its scope. You can only write less than a hundred words in one post. Your tone of voice, choice of words and other similar factors play a key role in the success that your Facebook campaign is going to enjoy.


The great way to engage the audience organically is by developing storytelling ability in the content you write. Engaging posts that are good internal jokes and has a hook will get you a lot of organic audiences. They will also give you a great way to get the trust of your audience as you get to know your brand as a high-quality audience.

The storytelling does not mean you need to develop a tale. It simply means that you should address people in an interesting manner and develops content that will actually engage them.

Creative Content:

Develop a diverse range of content your social media posts. You can have fun facts, engaging posts, stories, engaging infographics related to your brands and thoughtful content on the current events. All of these will allow you to gather a strong and independent audience that will have a strong following.

Consistent Posting:

Regularity is far more important than catchy posts. It is good to develop high-quality content but be realistic about how consistently you can post. Have a social media plan that develops content weeks ahead of time so that you can schedule your posts beforehand and gain the right audience.

Regular posting is extremely significant in true social media campaigns. Facebook users need to see the content regularly over long periods of time for it to make a mark on them.

Giveaways and Contests:

They are a great way to expose new consumers to your products. Every business has some leftover material that they can give away for free. Develop detailed plans that last for a full week. Ask a question or create a challenge and the winner will get a giveaway. This is an excellent way to gain an audience and also develop a stronger relationship with them.

Value Hashtags:

Hashtags are not just for Twitter anymore. They are used in all the social media campaigns and they have a deep impact on a successful digital marketing campaign. You need to develop thirty or more hashtags that you will use in your posts. These hashtags will be divided into two types.

The first is the company hashtags list, the brand name, company name, the logo, the tag line, the product-related hashtags. Campaign names in the hashtags are all included in the list.

The second is a more post specific type of hashtags. The hashtags that will focus on the product, more commonly used hashtags, the hashtags that other individuals are using on the same content and hip phrases.

You cannot have more than forty hashtags but use these hashtags wisely. You will need to develop a hashtag listing system that allows you to keep an eye on all the hashtags that your campaign team is using.

Open-ended questions:

Social media is a highly interactive portal that is great for having a public discussion on interesting topics. Rather than making another post on how amazing your brand is, make a post that asks your followers how they are using your products? Or the latest trends in your brands that they would like to see you try? You can take questions that your followers are already asking and make an interesting post out of that.

All of these are simple tricks that are tried and true ways to make your consumers who are also your followers realize that you are connected with them.


Newsjacking is the simple art of developing posts that engage the consumers and are derived from the regular news cycle. It does not need to be a piece of breaking news or a controversial topic. You can simply develop a post that discusses whether it is the golden dress or the blue dress (referring to an incredibly famous debate online that occurred a few years back).

All of these tricks come in the category of community management. The simple fact is that community management is now a very high-end digital marketing technique that is garnering an incredibly high ROI. The main focus of these campaigns is to develop a long-lasting brand identity that is beyond product reviews and SEO. To have regular and loyal customers who trust your brand due to brand engagement and believe that the brand is worth their attention in the long term.

These are, of course, not the only community management tricks as there are too many. But these are most commonly used and missing out on them will probably make you fall behind in the game altogether. We wish you all the best in your ventures.