How To Build A Sales Funnel From Scratch

Sales Funnel

Sales funnel is one of the core concepts of digital marketing. It is also the one that drives traffic and can do wonders for a firm. You can leverage this tool to build your customer list and covert those to loyal ones. It is considered difficult to create a successful sales funnel, it could be intimidating to move from top to bottom. However it’s not impossible. Here you will get a deep understanding about the sales funnel and how to create a successful one from scratch. So let’s get started.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Sales funnel also known as marketing funnel is a process through which customers go through when purchasing products. It is divided into five stages including awareness, interest, consideration, intent and purchase. For an online business people visit your website and some of them show interest in your product, surf through it, add the product to cart, proceed to check out and one of them ends up making the purchase. This top to down movement from more prospects turning to fewer customers down the funnel is the process of “Sales Funnel.”

Stages of a Conversion Funnel


This is the very first stage of the funnel where the customer gets to know about the brand or the product. It’s when the product catches their attention. It can be a Facebook post, a tweet or simply a google ad on a website.  Your prospect customer gets aware about your brand or product. They might start researching for your offering.


When the customer enters the second stage known as Interest, they tend to research about the product and compare different brands. Prospect customers take time in comparing other options. It is the right time to show your thought leadership and establish your expertise. Brands should push their content at this stage to ensure customers that they are making informed decision.


In the decision stage of the sales funnel the customer is ready to buy. They might be considering multiple options and you might be the one. It is the time where your additional perks will get you a chance. Like free shipping or promotional offers. This might get you a competitive advantage as well.


At the bottom of the sales funnel customer performs an action. They purchase your product or service and become a part of your ecosystem. At this part you need to focus on retaining back the customer. As a marketer you should gain customer feedback and prepare for any after sales service to eliminate any post purchase dissonance.

Creating a Successful Sales Funnel:

The motive of the sales funnel is the easy movement of the customer from top to bottom. Thus for the success of the sales funnel is to achieve that motive. Below are the steps to create a perfect one.

  1. Understand Your Target Audience: The key to a successful sales funnel is to know your audience. Its effectiveness depends on your understanding of your audience. This is mainly because you do not tend to sell to everyone, you’re targeting to people who are a good fit for your product.
  2. Build a Captivating Landing Page: The start of the funnel is driving traffic and for that you need to have an attention catching landing page that attracts visitors. It could be your homepage however it should not purely be informational rather it should be converting. Landing page for the conversion funnel should have a clear call to action for the prospect to slide through easily.
  3. Create an Email Marketing Campaign:  Email marketing is a great tool to market your content to target your audience. You should do that by regularly sending them regularly but do not overdo it. The content should have an incredible offer to attract your leads.
  4. Stay Connected: In the process you shouldn’t forget your old customers. You should reach out to and stay connected to them. Thanking them for their purchases and offering them rewards for it will make your sales funnel effective.


Creating a successful sales funnel and optimizing it is quite a deal. But it’s is the only proven way to keep going and survive the competition. Small details in the process can make huge impacts, like the background color of the landing page can attract your customer.  In order to build a right one you need to understand all the stages and take the right steps.

Spend time in researching about your audience and adjust their preferences and touch points in all the stages of the funnel.