Remarketing & Its Benefits For Your Business



It is the process of designing personalized advertisements for customers who have previously visited our website in order to get conversions. Basically the idea behind this concept is to reach out to customers who are already familiar with your brand as there is greater probability of converting them.

It’s all about personalizing advertisements and encouraging customers to move forward in the conversion funnel. We tend to target prospect customers on several occasions. The most commonly used remarketing method is google ads.

Remarketing Process:

When users visits the website and consumes the brand content, they are tagged with a cookie and are then added to the remarketing list. Hence when a remarketing campaign is launched the advertisements are shown only to users who are on that list.

Types of Remarketing:

It increases the likelihood of getting leads and conversions. Remarketing is categorized in different types. These are explained below:

  1. Standard: This is simply targeting your past visitors. Prospects who visited your website through websites that use google display network apps and other social media websites. But they exited without performing any action. Standard remarketing also includes targeting users who search for similar product or services that you offer on search engines. For example you searched clothes on google. Then you see different clothing brands on your Instagarm as sponsored ads.
  2. Dynamic: It is presenting specifically tailored ads for visitors based on their browsing activity on the webpage. It is personalized messaged to cater the visitor to increase their chances of returning back.  For example if the visitor added an item in the cart but left without proceeding further, the dynamic ad would show visitor the same item.. Thus increasing the chances of them buying that item. 
  3. Mobile Apps: Here remarketing ads are shown on mobile apps or mobile friendly websites.
  4. Search Engine: These advertisements are shown to visitors who have already visited the website and are searching on google for the similar product or service but it does not include display advertising. This type of remarketing enables us to narrow down our targeted audience even further.
  5. Video: This type of remarketing which is known as video remarketing is not based is not for the people who visited our website rather it targets people who have interacted with a video or particular YouTube channel. The ads are shown in the videos on different websites or in YouTube video.
  6. Email:  Email remarketing is done through two ways. Firstly it serves ads for people who opened your email and are visiting other websites on the internet. Thus these ads are placed on those sites. The other way of email remarketing is through sending follow up emails to visitors who landed on your website but did not perform an intended action.

Benefits of Remarketing:

  • Personalization: This concept of marketing provides maximum customization for the prospect customer. It enables you to exactly hit on their interest area according to their stage in the buying journey.  This increases the chances of converting your prospect customers and also turning them in to loyal ones as they now have experienced your brand.
  • Reach: It is one of the most effective way to increase your reach as google display network has around two million websites. You will be able to outreach your potential customers without any constraint. It connects you to them in a blink of an eye.
  • Brand Recall: We have a pool of information on the internet out there and so are the brands. Consumers have unlimited options on the flicker of their fingertips. It happens quite often that we see something interesting online that we would like to buy but we forget right? Thus brand recall is very important in the digital era. Remarketing helps us to remain in the minds of our target audience and also maintain a relationship with them.
  • Conversion: Remarketing at core addresses visitor at the point where they are most likely to make an action. Its main aim is to get conversions through serving personalized messages. If done effectively, it can have significant impact on your conversions.


Remarketing is a stem of digital marketing that focuses on serving ads to visitors who visited your website but did not perform a particular action. There are different ways of remarketing according to different stages of the consumer buyer journey and the nature of the business. The concept of remarketing has immense benefits for a business and can be a booster for all your marketing efforts!