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Content Management system

The most important part of a website is the design and content.  In order to build a website that is focused on the content, which most of them are, you need to choose a content management system to run the site. It is crucial for a successful website to have a CMS which enables the user to add, alter or remove the content from the website easily without the help of a web designer. Effective and easy content management systems are designed in a way to help anyone having basic computer knowledge to operate it and update the content. There are plenty of content management systems out there however finding the best one that suits best for your business type could be quiet of bit of a task. In this article, we will enlighten you by listing some of the best free and easy content management systems in detail.

You might be wondering what actually is the content management system right?

It is a software that enables users to add, alter or remove the content from the website easily without having any technical knowledge. In simple words, CMS helps you build a website without having to know about the coding.


CMS programs are highly competitive but Joomla has a stronghold on free and quality CMS programs. The program is ideal for the E-commerce website if you are considering one. If you are averse to listing your product on a generic e-commerce website and want to list your products on your own website, then this is a great website.

Joomla is also a good place to make general websites and it will allow you to make a good website for any other purpose as well. The domain naming and the entire website making process is entirely free and you will get a very useful website in no financial bounding. You will also have a simple and easy to develop a portal that is interactive and easy to use.

Joomla is one of the early options that became available for website development. It used to a well-regarded and highly acclaimed website developing option back in the day. But in the competition for web development options, the process has really put Joomla in the back seat with reason. If you do not like the conventional options then this option is great for you.


The most independent and creatively loaded CMS is Wix. The Wix website will allow you to buy a domain and then it will let you have the most integrated and engaging experience of building a website.

The website has a long-range of types of websites that you can develop. These are customizable templates that will also allow you the option of developing integrated websites that look much different from the general websites that are developed through other CMS. The eye-catching outlook of Wix is the reason that the website development option is taken with such high regard.

It has all the major components of the CMS like about us pages, blogs, and other factors but the main platform will allow you to customize your outlook in an unprecedented manner.


WordPress is a great CMS that is used globally. The reason is that it comes with well-developed themes that simply need to be filled in. A person can make the entire website in two hours or less with really no need to know anything about coding. The management and upgrading of the website are also exceptionally easy with a massive number of plugins that will allow you to get a great many website features on your websites.

The websites are fairly inexpensive with $5 per domain and they are available with customizable domain names that will not show WordPress. WordPress development is fairly common so finding an expert who can make a great website for you is also fairly easy.


Magento is a great way to build your own eCommerce website as well. Magento is very highly rated for eCommerce websites and the code is written in PHP. As coders know, this is a simpler coding language that allows for an agile and fluid development pattern on the website. The software uses the Zend framework and will work as a software that can be used to develop the website. The software has been used more than 100,000 times for the development of an e-commerce website.

As e-commerce is growing in scope and making the world more focused on buying and selling online, Magento has become a central focus of the


Shopify is a software development service provider that will give you a complete e-commerce solution including the selling, shipping, and product management option. Its basically Amazon but you will get to use your own name tag on the website. You will not be in a third party retailer terrain. Your own products will be sold in your own name. 

Shopify is highly regarded in the e-commerce sector and is used to run an online business.

All in all, the Content management systems you should choose depends on the type of website that you need to develop. The main difference is between e-commerce and a regular website. But there is also a wide range of websites that will also need to be decided.

Your choices have to be clear for you to decide the right portal for your website development.