Google Activates SOS Alert For Search Results Related To Coronavirus

The global health emergency of 2020 known as coronavirus is spreading rapidly and countries around the world are taking measures to tackle the outbreak. As per the global threat situation, google has activated SOS alert for search queries related to the virus. What is SOS Alert? The motive of Google SOS alert is to make


Digital Marketing trends to adapt in 2020

2019 was a quite a year when it comes to digital marketing trends and technology, form snackable video content to video marketing and augmented reality marketing.  The New Year has just begun and we all are certainly searching for what’s going to happen in 2020.  Aren’t we?  There are a bunch on interesting trends to

What is google discover? All You need to know about it

Google is known to deliver high quality search results and is growing to be the only reliable, one stop search engine around the world. Its recent innovation of another tool known as google discover is increasingly gaining popularity amongst users as well as digital marketers. It is becoming a viable way to bring traffic to

How To Build A Sales Funnel From Scratch

Sales funnel is one of the core concepts of digital marketing. It is also the one that drives traffic and can do wonders for a firm. You can leverage this tool to build your customer list and covert those to loyal ones. It is considered difficult to create a successful sales funnel, it could be

Top Free And Easy Content Management System

The most important part of a website is the design and content.  In order to build a website that is focused on the content, which most of them are, you need to choose a content management system to run the site. It is crucial for a successful website to have a CMS which enables the

Tips For A Successful PPC Campaign

Pay per click advertising is an essential element of online marketing strategy and can significantly improve search engine optimization. It enables you to achieve various goals including improving visibility, lead generation, increasing traffic and a lot more. However, the main objective is to grow! It’s quite easy to implement but with a little planning and

Remarketing & Its Benefits For Your Business

Remarketing: It is the process of designing personalized advertisements for customers who have previously visited our website in order to get conversions. Basically the idea behind this concept is to reach out to customers who are already familiar with your brand as there is greater probability of converting them. It’s all about personalizing advertisements and


Social media is the new power hub of digital marketing. The simple short cut to drive traffic right onto your blog is to have a strong social media presence and develop your online identity. 3.2 billion Individuals use social media every day, which is 42% of the global population!  That is why the social media

Basic Components of Digital Marketing

Before internet was perceived as another world, however now we see it as a part of our physical world. Information technology has transformed our way of living to the extent that our social associations are nurturing online rather than face to face.  People around the world are hooked to their screens and internet is proving

6 Essentials for an E commerce website

At the core eCommerce is the buying and selling of good and services over the internet. There is has been a proliferation in online shopping around the world and customers are loving the ease of shopping within their reach. We have witnessed the boom in the eCommerce industry as we dwell more in the digital